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We are a Value Added Reseller with over 15 years of experience providing state-of-the-art enterprise hardware and software to our clients. Service Desk Support, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Sales & Service, Disaster Recovery, Data Migration

A Bit About Us

Xydom Technologies Ltd. started as a family business in 1999.

We have continued the tradition of building relationships with our clients, allowing us to continue to provide exceptional customer service, be it procurement, architecture, deskside assistance or remote desktop assistance.

As we move into Cloud Solutions, Xydom Technologies Ltd. will be there with our clients, allowing for growth, while ensuring our clients are getting the best solutions for their business needs.

Business Solutions

From aligning IT with business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming the enterprise, Xydom has the experience and expertise required to partner with clients to achieve their business goals.

Service Desk

A good Service Desk improves a company’s customer satisfaction by allowing the company to implement their business plan.

A good Service Desk improves a company’s satisfaction by managing IT costs while managing the lifecycles of the IT processes and by utilizing ITIL best practices.

A good Service Desk communicates effectively and efficiently with each end user.

There are many more things a good Service Desk does well. If you are interested in understanding more about our Service Desk, Contact us.

IT Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Assessment is designed to help you ensure that the technology infrastructure you have in place is the most cost effective, efficient, and reliable solution to meet the needs of the business.

Typical questions answered in a review may include:

  • Am I heading down a technology dead end?
  • Do I have the flexibility to meet rapidly changing business demands, within my existing budget?
  • How can I continue to offer more with a reducing budget?
  • Am I getting the full value from my investment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?
  • How can I increase service reliability?
  • How can I reduce the running costs of my infrastructure?

Contact us for more details.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a growing industry with lots of rapidly expanding jargon. It can be difficult to understand and apply to your organization. Depending on whether it’s public infrastructure or private, there can be different names and interpretations

IaaS – (Infrastructure as a Service) Hardware is owned and leased to you as a virtualized service. You pay for the amount you use and the time that you use it. The benefits are that power, cooling and asset depreciation are pushed onto the vendor leaving you with the confidence you require without the upfront capital costs.

SaaS – (Software as a Service) Similar to infrastructure but with software on an annual or fixed user rate. They host and maintain the software on hardware that they own. Your costs are limited to the licensing fees.

Xydom uses a mix of these and other offerings to provide a comprehensive solution based your requirements. These solutions can come from cost decisions, industry regulations, federal compliance or a myriad of vectors affecting your business

Contact us for more details.

Sales & Service

At Xydom, we offer remote, on-site, and emergency IT support, and we'll be happy to design a setup that suits your specific needs.

Our team members are dedicated to terrific customer service and we work hard to keep our IT solutions effective and affordable.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our representatives.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is not just tapes and backups. DR is an extensive plan that details the requirements of the business and it’s values. Viruses, internet outages, and malicious users can have an integral effect on maintaining your business operations. Large scale interruptions can be mitigated with a strong DR plan. Talk to us at Xydom to see what can be done to mitigate interruptions to your business

Contact us for more details.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transporting data between computers, storage devices or formats. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation.

Let Xydom minimize human intervention and application downtime while enhancing your migration speed.

Contact us for more details.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Kevin Kwok

General Manager

Kevin is a dynamic individual whose passion for cutting edge technologies has him leading his clients into the future with the most preeminent products and services on the market.

Kevin’s technical knowledge allows Xydom to continuously grow and learn in order to meet and exceed the service level objectives we set with our clients. He is the perfect mentor for our Team and is always available when needed.

Dennis Huston

Sr. Project Manager

Fernando Mendoza

Service Desk Team Lead

Fernando is our steadfast team leader, striving to ensure all work tickets are addressed by the best person in the timeliest fashion. He thoroughly enjoys the interaction with clients in person and on the phone and is always courteous and professional.

Mike Adkins

Service Desk Support Specialist

Mike is a family man from a big family in Texas. He grew up understanding the importance of hard work and helping each other out. Today he feels blessed to be a part of the Xydom family and looks forward to assisting in any way he can.

Ed Schmutz

Service Desk Support Specialist

Laurie Townsend

Office Manager

Laurie enjoys working with the team at Xydom! She looks after the administrative side of things and is your contact for billing, contracts, purchasing and advertising.

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We've partnered with cutting edge companies in order to provide you with the best technologies available.

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